Thursday, May 15, 2008


A. Project Description

The Lord’s Bank is basically a savings bank intended for the aid of the needy. It is saving money for those who are less fortunate. It can be used to purchase food, medicines, clothes and other basic needs. It can also be utilized as seed money or capital for any livelihood program or enterprise to help the poor uplift their standard of living.

Money deposited in the Lord’s Bank takes the form of a donation and becomes an endowment fund. It cannot be withdrawn by the depositors anymore. Rather, it is already owned by the Lord and to be disposed to the needy brothers and sisters.

Members-Depositors shall be motivated to join the Lord’s Bank through the “Three (3) S way”, SACRIFICE, SAVE, and SHARE:

SACRIFICE means giving up something or mortifying from any unwanted desires in favor of someone needing immediate aid. Every act of sacrifice shall be quantified in terms of monetary equivalent. For example, I will not take any snack today or every Friday. If one snack would cost twenty pesos, I save twenty pesos that day. There are many little acts of sacrifice we can think of, then calculate their worth. That’s your saving!

SAVE. Keep what you save that day. Choose a day in a week, when you can come to the office of the Lord’s Bank and deposit it. Make it your regular habit. Or at least once a month you deposit the accumulated amount you have for all the mortifications and sacrifices you made.

SHARE. Allow the Lord’s Bank to use your saving to help your poor brethren. That is your sharing. The Lord say, “…when you give alms, your left hand must not know what your right hand is doing; your almsgiving must be secret, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you”(Mt.6:3-4).

B. Project Mechanics

Like any bank, the Lord’s Bank will issue a passbook in the name of the member depositor. There shall be ledger for individual depositor in order to record his/her total donations. Depositor/Donor will be informed where his/her contribution/money goes.

Upon giving the initial amount for deposit, the Bank shall issue a passbook. Any amount can open an account.

It is highly encouraged to deposit in the bank in a regular basis. Depositors can visit the Bank’s Office, normally to be established in the Parish Office, for depositing any amount, then posted in the passbook. They can also call by phone or request the Bank’s Personnel to pick up their deposits at the convenient time of the concerned personnel.

At end of the year, each depositor shall be furnished with the total amount contributed/deposited to the Lord’s Bank.

C. Project Beneficiaries

The poorest among the poor, the Anawims of the Lord; the street children, the transients, the beggars, the homeless, the sick and the elderly.
The unemployed, for those who will venture small scale livelihood program and other income generating projects.
And of course, the depositor-members themselves, who are given the chance to be generous and charitable.

D. Project Management

The Lord’s Bank shall be managed by the Parish where it is located with the respective Parish Priest as the Bank Manager. The services of the Parish Finance Council can utilized as auditor, or bookkeeper, or cashier. All the people working at the Bank shall receive no remuneration.

The Board of Trustees shall be appointed by the Diocesan Bishop to be selected by the Parish Priest from among the members-depositors. The Board shall be the policy making body. The Bank Manager takes care of day to day transaction of the Bank.

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