Monday, April 27, 2009


We need the help of all kababayans and friends.. More than anytime in the history of our country is there a need to uplift the economic condition of our people. They need jobs & livelihood to motivate them to work and earn more income.

As the title suggests, we are using the pig as the best investment for people to be active in their community. It has been proven for a long time now that many families were helped by raising pigs and were able to send their children to college. Ask any of your town mates if this is not true.

As the title suggests, the piglets that you donate will be recycled, out of their future breeding, resulting from care and raising by the selected recipients. One piglet donation today will result into 2 recycles, then 4 recycles, then 8 recycles, and so on, to be given to future families, thereby benefiting as many families as possible. The concept is well described in Please read them thoroughly. Email any questions that you may have.

This form of charity, based on recycling the piglets, is the simplest and easiest thing to do by a charitable giver. It is also the cheapest and the fastest way to multiply and spread the benefits to many families. Your giving to only one family results in giving to 31 families, in just 5 years, and still growing after that. No other type of charity can duplicate this type of giving.
The going price for one piglet today is $60 or P2,500. Full piglet or partial donation is very much acceptable or any amount for that matter, as your help, however minimal will go a long way towards helping our people, by leaps and bounds.

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Please donate a piglet and be amazed !
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