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Project 25K

Ordination to the Priesthood of the


On March 19, 1987

at the Holy Trinity Cathderal, Daet, Cams. Norte

By Bishop Celestino R. Enverga

A Gift on the Occasion of the Silver Jubilee of my


March 19, 2012



On March 19, 2012, Msgr. Joselito C. Asis will celebrate his 25th Sacerdotal Anniversary (Silver). To reciprocate the precious gift of priesthood, it is his ardent desire to establish a fund that will help the anawims of the Lord, his very own unique project: the Bangko ng Panginoon (The Lord’s Bank). He started this project when he was the Pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish in Daet, Camarines Norte. The Bangko ng Panginoon aims to collect fund through tithes and generous donations. Actually, it operates similar to a saving bank. The only difference is that while many people save money in the bank for their own needs and security, depositors of the Bangko ng Panginoon is saving for the needs of others, especially those who are less fortunate in life (See information re the Bangko ng Panginoon).

Benefactors, Friends and Communities who have been, in one way or another, part of his priestly ministry for 25 years will be invited to be once more part of the project. They will be asked to make another sacrificial gift not for his personal needs but intended for the needs of others.


To sign up 25 individual persons/families/communities to be the ninongs and ninangs (Sponsors) during the celebration of his Silver Sacerdotal Anniversary on March 19, 2012. Each Sponsor will be asked to become the first 25 Depositors in the Bangko ng Panginoon with an initial deposit of Twenty Five Thousand (25K) Pesos. Their 25K represents gift to his Silver Jubilee Celebration.

This the reason why the project was coined “25K Balik Handog”. The project expects to generate Php 625,000.00 as initial fund for the Bangko ng Panginoon.


Through personal letter addressed to the prospected 25 ninongs ang ninangs, Msgr. Asis will invite them to be part of the project. A pledge form will be enclosed and ask them how to give the Twenty Five Thousand Pesos. They can do it in a one-time giving, in installment basis or in any way that is easy for them to give.

Campaign Period

March 19-2011 until March 19, 2012. The target is that by the time of the Silver Anniversary Celebration in a Thanksgiving Mass, the 25 Special Sponsors join the Offertory Procession and entrust their 25K to be deposited to the Bangko ng Panginoon.


Personal Letter of Appeal, Brochure

Information Materials re Bangko ng Panginoon

Invitation Cards for the Silver Sacerdotal Anniversary, Campaign Logo


Rev. Msgr. Joselito C. Asis & Selected Friends

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